Barbra Angel [Dr. Barbara Romanowska] is World Renown Naturopath, Author, Coach, Composer & Singer, Creator of TUNE & HEAL (USA) and THE SOUND ACADEMY (Europe). She is the winner of the Hollywood International WIND Film Festival, Christian Film Festival (CFF), International Songwriting Competition, En Sound Music Awards and more.
She holds a PH.D. in Naturopathy and Master of Arts in Composition/Arrangement and Vocalism. She is a professional composer, violist, singer and Music Producer. She has published many CDs and books in English, Polish, German, Czech and Slovak. Throughout her life she has performed all over the world and for the last fifteen years she has specifically focused on healing concerts, lectures and certified training courses (which come with European Accreditation). She is a reverend of Healing Music Ministry. She is also an active supporter of The Health Department within The HEARTLAND, a non-profit organization in California. Her mission is to Tune & Heal people.  

Her creation, "Tune & Heal", is a combination of Cellular Resonance Therapy, Healing Art and Resonance mediation. Her method is based on physics combined with the healing power of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Tune & Heal is a natural solution for healing which brings light and healthy vibrations into the three levels of being: Body, Mind and Spirit. Dr. Angel uses RESONANCE (frequencies) as the mechanism for healing. Together with power of the V Elements, sound, color, energy centers and the five senses of human being, organs and emotions can be restored to their proper, healthy frequency. She offers many ways to heal and learn including:

1. Individual or group healing sessions
There are many techniques to treat various ailments. All
Tune & Heal sessions are effective for the relief of stress, tension, anxiety, aches or physical and mental fatigue. They balance meridians/chakras, eliminate spine and muscle pain. They work for anti-aging (DNA repair) and weight loss. They are very helpful as complimentary treatments for oncologic (anticancer technique) or sociological problems (OM, CG technique and more), clearing the mind and bringing hope and joy. To schedule an appointment CONTACT.

2.Tune & Heal Academy - Workshops, Training Courses
Certified Training Courses  for "Cellular  Resonance Therapy", with European Accreditation, are available to students interested in learning and applying Dr. Angel's method to their healing practice or just to heal themselves or family members. Upon completion of the four stages, students will be granted a certificate of completion and will be eligible to become a certified Tune&Heal practitioner. Learn more: Tune&Heal in

Tune & Heal offers many workshops including:
Resonance meditation, Your Beauty - skin, hair and anti-aging vibrations, V Elements cooking (living food for particular organs nutrition), Intuitive Awareness - tune in to your guidance, Find  frequency love partner, Attract your goal through healing vibrations, and more.  Upcoming Events.

3. Healing concerts
The charmed atmosphere and the strengthening power of faith bring about a charismatic trance, levels off and balances energy, removes toxins, restores peace and harmony, and even heals disorders due to influence of POSITIVE sound wave frequencies working on cellular level. Attendees can be expected to feel the shift of energy from stagnation to movement, from sadness to happiness, from sleepiness to vitality. Movement and fun are guaranteed! Since 2003 Barbra Angel has given hundreds of concerts to doctors, healers, artists, hospital staff and an array of folks all interesting in the healing power of sound vibration. To join her next concert or organize your private one at your place CONTACT.

4. Art and Fashion
Colors and patterns have very specific frequencies and affect a person. To be in harmony with your surroundings is to be resonating with love and health.  Barbra created her Tune&Heal energetic paintings while listening to her own healing music. By applying your favorite frequency painting from her collection to your life, you will tune (adjust) your organs and mood to their healthy frequency. You'll feel great on the inside and out and you'll notice the change in energy of the room where they are hanging! See/order her Art Therapy energetic paintings HERE.

Barbra's practices heal people worldwide. She is  committed to training healers and living life as a creative force bringing balance and happiness into the lives of everyone. Join Barbra Angel's team to subscribe and meeting her at her next healing concert or workshop.
www.TuneHeal.com   The USA            
www.AkademiaDzwieku.com  Europe