Certified Training Courses, Workshops, Seminars

1. Certified Training Courses TUNE & HEAL - Cellular Resonance Therapy (CRT) - simple techniques for healing the Body-Mind-Spirit with sound. Four Stage Training, Practice and Diploma Exam (European Accreditation). Download PDF Brochure and find upcoming Certified Training Course HERE
After completing full Training Course, practitioners receive Certificate titled Certified Cellular Resonance Therapy Practitioner based and approved by the European Union Educational System. This accreditation of “Cellular Resonance Therapy” (CRT) method operating on cellular level is healing people worldwide. Training is four stages on fundamentals, practice and theory which are normally broken down into two meetings completed within one year (experience needed to meet the exam requirements).
Our training course involves three areas: fundamentals, practice and theory; all infused with one goal; healing ourselves and others. The method is intended to help with mental, emotional, physical and psychological problems. In addition, our Tune&Heal mission emphasizes and helps guide our premise that every human being should take responsibility for their own life.
Thanks to CRT method supported by work with healing vibrations, everyone can activate their own self-healing powers. Recent findings of these new alternative therapies built upon millenniums of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s knowledge on meridians, chakras, accupoints, meditation and breathing exercises are now embracing sound as the next leap in quantum physics, human development and are tools for one to recognize the opportunity to heal one’s body, mind and soul. In fact, with all three spheres in balance, consciousness expands and one’s life goal becomes eminent.


The Sound Academy (Europe) and Tune&Heal (USA) training courses have been offered worldwide for over sixteen years. Graduates and practitioners of CRT apply natural sound waves as a therapy; these techniques are used now by many clinics and medical centers around the world. Many of these graduates and practitioners are doctors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists but many people who have no formal medical training and who went through our four stages of training are reaping the benefits of the healing techniques utilizing knowledge they learned by putting tuning forks in practice.Everyone can use our method to improve one’s health. Musical knowledge is not required for practicing CRT method or being part of the Tune&Heal Mission.
For decades, conventional medicine used sound waves in different treatments, such as MRI, laser, Ultrasounds technologies, etc. Now, the proven track record of Cell Resonance Therapy hassolidified not only the viability of sound for medicinal purposes but laid the foundation for the Tune&Heal Mission. In particular students of the CRT  such as pharmacists, doctors and scientists of different specializations have expressed gratitude and acknowledged sound therapy as an amazing power to combat disease and transform damaged cells to healthy condition.
During the seminar Akademia Dzwieku (Sound Academy) supply students with different sets of tuning forks, especially prepared for CRT method that have a very good quality tune and are manufactured in precise parameters. There is the possibility to buy the tuning forks recommended by Sound Academy working with CRT  method during the 1st stage of a training course to help to practice and treat others immediately after learning. Tuning Forks are the tools for sending sound to the body, mind and soul and utilize acupressure points for healing. After 1st and 2nd stage, students are encouraged to buy tuning forks to continue their journey to Tune&Heal all beings using CRT method.

Cell Resonance Therapy (CRT) working on cellular level, it is non-invasive method uses natural sound vibration, safe and effective. It provides rehabilitation support, fast relaxation and treating many illnesses, including  psychosomatic diseases and cancer help.

• Acupuncture and acupressure with the sound (without needles) based on TCM – supportive treatment for 250 different ailments
• Cleansing organism from blockages, toxins, bacterias, viruses, candida and parasites
• Deep relaxation, stress elimination
• Natural help for mental disorders: depression, anxiety neurosis, phobia, schizophrenia; helping in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder – ADHD
• Treatments eliminating concentration disorders and learning difficulties
• Cometology - Anti aging, Slimming, rejuvenating and beauty sessions
• Pain release 
• PMS and soothing menopause symptoms treatments
• Anticancer therapy, working complimentary with traditional treatments for different kinds of cancers
• TCM based Prophylaxis and diagnostics of diseases by natural methods
• Help with addictions (drinking habit, smoking and drug addiction)
• Treatments for people with multiple sclerosis (MS)
• DNA Repair, for genetic diseases, Down syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy
• Circulation, immune or respiratory and digestive system improvment (tune in organs to their healthy frequencies)
• Vibrational Supplementation with sound frequency biominerals
• Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory frequencies
• Rehabilitation, collagen boost
• Weight problems help - bulimia, anorexia, loosing weight or anticellulities
• Skin diseases treatments: psoriasis, skin allergy, acne, circumscribed alopecia, hair loss, eczema, liver spots and others

Here are just a few of that many areas that are covered:
* Learn a new method of Cell Resonance Therapy (CRT) as Tune&Heal mission - scientifically approved approach with European Accreditation
* Experience new healing techniques based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5 Elements (Sound Acupuncture and Sound Reflexology etc.)
* Understand the ancient and modern foundations and applications of sound healing/music therapy, and how you can include them in what you are already doing
* Learn and experience 16 healing techniques with tuning forks + voice including "Anticancer technique" read more here or "DNA repair" for Down Syndrome, Autism, PTSD, depression or beauty techniques
* Learn a new way to support life change and how to bring a person into pure purpose and healthy Body-Mind-Spirit condition (emotional and psychological problems help and support)
* The Self Journey- Tools and practices to support you in living the life you want to live 
* Experience what a spiritual experience our life force offers and pass it on
* Add dimension to your sessions by learning advanced emotional release work with sound vibration
* Open your own office working with a new method of sound therapy
* Gain the skill to create ideal, repeat, high dollar clientele and assist them with life-changing growth and skills
* Explore ideas to impact the societal level with your gifts and wisdom
* Bring healthy power, positive vision and empowered change to this world through Cellular Resonance Therapy sessions. And this is just the tip of the iceburg...


How long it takes to become a Cell Resonance Therapy Practitioner?
This is a four stages Intensive Training Course (I+II stage Friday-Sunday meeting and after 4-6 months of practice next Friday-Sunday III+IV stage meeting including exam). You will be given a completion certificate at the end of the class. The full certification requires 25-50 hours of session work (offering your own session work at your own pace).
Practicing of learnt techniques of CRT method include diagnosis, harmonization and cleaning and regulating energy of all lifeforms. Performance of practical usage of techniques which were learnt, represent the very foundation for the future work as Certified Cellular Resonance Therapy Practitioner.
After passing the written and practical test, you will receive certificate approved by the European Union Education System. You will then, have the foundation of Cellular Resonance Therapy theory and practice and be prepared to partake in the exciting realm of healing with sound.

Who is teaching?
Dr. Barbra Angel (Barbara Romanowska) World Renown Naturopath, Author, Life Coach, Composer & Singer, Winner of Hollywood WIND Film Festival, Humanitarian Awards, Christian Film Festival, Int. Songwriting Competition and more. She is the creator/teacher of Tune & Heal - Cellular Resonance Therapy; is the founder of the Academy of Sound in Europe; holds a Ph.D. in Naturopathy; has an M.A. in Composition/ Arrangement and Vocalism; is an author of three books in different languages; and has created multiple CDs of music and healing sound. Since 2003 she has been teaching her Tune & Heal method through 4-Part Certificated Training Courses & leads Healing Concerts worldwide.
Who Should Attend?
Those who are versed in music, healing arts, counseling, coaching, massage, energy work or advanced in the spiritual wisdom. This class goes way beyond the aspect of musical knowledge and healing and focus on every part of a person’s life, including Body-Mind-Spirit. This is a very well rounded course that covers many styles of sound healing and teachings. This is a very advanced class, it moves fast and you will be going into personal change while learning how to share it with others.
Program and Cost
$ 300 person/ I stage. Completed full seminar IV stages + exam and Certificate /$1200 person.
*Notice that $600 must be paid before or during I+II stage (Fri-Sun weekend meeting) and next $600 for III and IV part & exam during our next meeting after few months of practice. If you pay in advance $1200 you get $100 discount. If one does not want to become a Certified Cellular Music Therapist and is interested in our class only to know how to heal family members or himself /herself, does not need to complete full Training Course including exam. In these cases it is enough to finish I+II or I +II+III stage (depends on program that one wants to be thought). To sign in send us an email with your name, tel. number, address and your birthdate.

2. Speak Up - Heal your Voice and your Life!

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to learn effective techniques for voice healing! Especially if you are a teacher, singer, performer, speaker, boss, salesman or just need to “speak up” in your life! This course helps you how to speak with freedom, how to heal your voice or how to sing without problems. You'll get practical 'how-to-do-it' instructions, plus personal contact and feedback with a top - class teacher – Dr. Barbra Angel – Holistic Doctor, Master of Arts in Vocalism and Composition, writer, winner of Hollywood Wind Film Festival, CFF, ISC and more. You will get connections with our community of Tune&Heal Practitioners - sound healers around the world! www.TuneHeal.com

If you join this course, you'll:
  • Feel more confident talking to others and working with your voice
  • Learn foundational sound healing skills and techniques for working with your - the science, art and spirit of sound healing
  • Speak with freedom especially if you need to speak in your second language
  • Sing with freedom – even if you have never sung before or someone made you thinking you can’t sing
  • Learn how to heal your Voice (stage fright or common diseases before your performance)
  • Be able to give effective speech to the people you want to be interested in something
  • Attract others’ positive attention & see amazing results if you are a teacher, salesman, speaker, actor, singer, minister or in any way you use your voice in your job
  • Notice that your voice skills are improved
  • Learn how to strengthen your chest voice and head voice (two resonators)
  • See how to sing higher and more powerful
  • Feel more relaxed and calm speaking/singing
  • Give effective healing sessions including voice diagnosis to the people you care about
  • Recognize and Release your psychological blocks stopping you from being successful speaker, performer, singer, salesman, boss etc.
  • Know how to work effectively with Vocal Technique, Mantra and Singing prayer

Program/Subjects Covered:
  • Frequency, vibrations, resonance
  • The power of breath and vocal vibration for transformation
  • Energy flow (Body-Mind-Spirit connection and WORDS)
  • Unblocking 5th energy center (V chakra)
  • Difference between thinking and feeling and how to EXPRESS it!
  • The sound of words and word choice
  • VOICE DIAGNOSIS (examples)
  • Voice problems to overcome
  • Voice as your business card
  • Find & empower your true natural voice
  • Ignite New Charisma and Influence
  • Be a greater peak performer in life
  • Become free and confident and more powerful speaker, performer or salesman!
  • Voice is a blueprint – what is your basic sound?
  • Foundational Skills & Techniques for working with your healing voice
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Six Healing Syllables for different health problems
  • How to work with the words for healing (prayer/mantra/affirmation?)
  • Advanced techniques for balancing the energy with your voice
Workshop hours: 10.00am - 3.00pm
Price: $150
3. Tune&Heal - Resonance Meditation Workshop 


It provides all required steps to attract the goal in the fastest way. Master this technique of meditation is a solution to modern day healing and bringing to light high vibrations into the three levels of being: body, mind and soul. "I was enlightened with Tune & Heal meditation in May 2013. Although I am practitioner of different methods of meditation since almost twenty years, I have never experienced being so closely linked to Universe&God  and received such amazing results! Of course one can call God "Higher Self", "Creator" or "Absolute" and they all are right because meditation doesn't have to be a religious thing, especially this one. Tune & Heal meditation gives you a key to unlock all potentiality which resides in each of us; this door leads to our greatest treasure which use our own possibilities to heal our bodies, minds, souls or life difficult situations. This power is in us since our birth. This meditation empowers the meditator with health and clarity and belongs to whomever chooses to access their pre-owned inner peace and healing possibilities through tuning inner organs and/or life situation which needs to be healed (tuned to the healthy frequency). Tune & Heal meditation helps us to attract our goals fast, it is powerful, nourishes, develops our spirit and rises our inner consciousness" . Dr. Barbra Angel

Tune & Heal resonance meditation is a complimentary to Tune&Heal mission including CRT method which use different frequencies of sound and music therapy techniques based on resonance and ones being’s innate nature of healing.This meditation feeds us by sound resonance working on triple nature level: Body, Mind and Spirit. Taking time and nourishing this triple nature is achieved through meditation. "Meditate in your heart, and be still." Psalm 1:2. Even science now tells us that this kind of rest “meditation” for the mind is healing to the body, and it also helps to rebuild brain tissue and prevent several psychological disorders, including Alzheimer's and ADD. And obviously, if you are not religious, you needn't fear that you'll become religious if you choose to meditate using this technique! You will, however, as science tells us, rebuild brain tissue, prevent mental illness or stress related diseases, which make up a large portion of all diseases. Developing the habit through repetition for at least 20 minutes each time leads to pronounced responses of peace in the body and mind. So if you enjoy religion, you can try saying a prayer that you connect with. Let this habit be part of you and reap the benefits.

Workshop hours: 10.00am - 3.00pm
Price: $150

4. Body-Mind-Spirit Healing Formula - Dr. Barbra Angel's CRT method with Michael Butler's B.A.;P.T.A.;CSCS*D;RSCC*D;PES;NMT intuitive body work.
Learn and see how these two scientifically approved approaches together can complement each other in restoring function, eliminating pain and improving athletic performance. Learn how we unblock neuro pathway channels, improve mental clarity through cellular resonance therapy and the active release approach. Using  vibrational therapy at different frequencies along with restoring range of motion in joints and tissue can impact an individual's  life forever.

5. Intuitive Energy Painting workshop inspired by Healing Music
*) to order energetic painings CONTACT 
To sign up contact:
USA, Canada:  www.TuneHeal.com  tune8heal@gmail.com  +1 619 534 4088
Europe: www.AkademiaDzwieku.com  info@akademiadzwieku.com  +48 501 599 768