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Barbra Angel

Barbra Angel Ph.D. (Barbara Romanowska):
Holistic doctor, creator & teacher of Cell Resonance Therapy (CRT), Certified Professional Hypnotist and Yoga Instructor. She is a Palm Desert, California based world renown naturopath, creator of Tune & Heal™ (USA) and The Sound Academy (Europe). She is also an accomplished writer of several books, music producer, composer & singer, winner of the Hollywood International Wind Film Festival, Christian Film Festival (CFF), International Songwriting Competition, En Sound Music Awards and more.
Barbra's mission Tune&Heal™ including CRT method with European Accreditation, her songs and her exquisite vocals have been recognized throughout Europe and the USA.  Since 2003, Barbra has taught her Tune & Heal™ CRT method and has performed as a solo artist worldwide. 


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