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A BioResonance Green Body Scan and Therapy while you relax in nice surroundings (relaxing music, essential oils, etc.)

BioResonance is a quantum physics-based system with the ability to check and analyze all of the automatic processes and internal functions of the body, which can then produce a functional health assessment of the body’s tissues getting to the root of any problems. This analysis allows us to see the health risk assessment and establish a treatment using oscillatory field frequencies. It is extremely useful to detect functional disorders, followed by the second part of the session where we can initiate an adequate treatment to correct the disorder and return to the organism to its normal physiological activity. This treatment involves sitting with a headset on while we show you the detailed information on a large screen. It’s very relaxing and you won’t notice anything. If you are unable to attend the clinic, you can send your DNA to us instead (hair + nail sample). We will introduce your DNA to our BioResonance system, carry out a full body analysis to find the root of your problems and provide you with the report. If you like to have a follow-up treatment at home, we will let you know the nutrients or natural remedies that you can take or even check with the machine whether the supplements or meds you have been taking are in resonance with your body or not (strengthening or weakening in %). BioResonance is a GREEN BODY SCAN with no side effects, radiation, or lab tests, while you can observe on the screen all of the changes. See the difference between MRI and BioResonance NLS system:

How Does It Work?
Utilizing patented trigger sensors in the headphones and the system's advanced algorithm, a virtual 3D model of the patient's organs is created, highlighting specific weaknesses and imbalances. Once the data from the patient's neuron response has been obtained, the advanced software is able to compare against a database of almost 14,000 substances which allows the following:
Pathology: The highest check of pathologies, diseases, chronic illnesses, Joint pains, muscle pains, energy levels, stress levels, unknown diseases, and depression.
Bacteria: Data of bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, etc… which can be treated by the system itself.
Toxins: Data checks for toxins, radiations, dental materials, heavy metals, food allergies, free radicals, organ toxicity, and poisoning.
Homeopathic Remedies: The most suitable frequencies in homeopathic remedies, phytotherapy, herbal and lithotherapy remedies.
Microelements: Microelements regulate hormones helping to regulate growth, development, and functioning of the immune and reproductive systems.
Vitamins: Amino acids, vitamins, batch flowers, regulating energy levels.
Nutrition: A food sensitivity test (Food intolerance test) in which we obtain a list of beneficial, neutral, and harmful foods for the patient, providing the best advice for nutrition.
3D Scan & Therapy is especially helpful as a preventive medicine as it can see ahead what pathology and the stressors of the body are and remove them before the problem develops. The stressors of the body are bacteria, viruses, fungi, candida, unbalanced emotions, additions, toxins, and more.

After the scan, the system offers the following therapy options:
Metatherapy: Using the power of our BioResonance machine we can pass the healthy frequencies of the cells back into the body via the headphones to help heal or improve any identified issues. After receiving the healing frequencies, the client's neurons will help body cells to get to the homeostasis process so the recovery can start immediately, even during the first session (we often observe patients' pain release, better vision, or improved hearing during the first visit).
Phytotherapy: Harnessing the power of herbs and plants, we can provide the body with the correct frequencies that have been identified by our scanning software.
Lithotherapy: Using gems and minerals we can introduce the reparative frequencies back into the body to help with corrective therapy.
Homeopathy/Supplements/Allopathy Remedies: Thanks to the captured frequencies from different remedies programmed in the system we can transfer them to your body in medicinal caplets that you can take each day to help with your recovery or with the water you may receive after the treatment, or the lotion we can program with the homeopathic frequencies to use on the skin at home, etc.
During the session, the gross changes in tissues are shown on a macro level first, before showing histological sections of the relevant tissue. Then after histological analysis, the search for significantly changed cells is carried out to detect changes in cellular structure. This algorithm then goes to the chromosomal level, looking for changes in separate chromosomes, before analysis of the DNA (RNA) helix.
After the Scan & Therapy by BioResonace or even better before it, we highly recommend using the Cell Resonance Therapy (CRT) method with acoustic waves of AcuForks and tuning forks to move the energy flow and clean the blood+energy blocks (stagnation) using the acupuncture points and tuning-up process for the organ's adjustment. These two methods together bring the best and the fastest results for both physical and psychological cases. 

NLS 4025 BioResonance scanner is one of only a handful of state-of-the-art pieces of equipment in the US that is FDA-approved and scans the entire body in a non-intrusive way: no side effects, no radiation, no internal probing or lab tests.   

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Please no food or drinks besides the water 2 hours before the BioResonance session.
After the session drink a minimum of 500ml /16oz of water and again min.500ml/16oz of water after 1-2 hours.   

Scan and Therapy in Palm Desert on the 3 options below:
1) Maintenance 30-minute SCAN only
$120 Usual Price $250 > Now Only $120!

2) Maintenance of 60-minute Scan & Therapy of one or two organs or areas
$185 Usual Price $380 > Now Only $185!

Best Value
3) 90-minute Full Body Scan & Therapy of preferred organs/areas, pain release, food and remedies recommendation, the medications/supplements check by machine, etc.
$259 Usual Price $490 > Now Only $259!