Music by Barbra Angel

"Tune&Heal" Concerts of Barbra Angel (Dr. Barbara Romanowska) are an unforgettable experience ranging from high energy emotions and is regenerative to one’s being. The solemn & charismatic atmosphere of the strengthening power of love & faith during the concert brings about balance, removes toxins, and restores peace and harmony. Barbra's songs or pieces of music deeply fall into the subconscious with sounds that have already triggered the treatment program and caused positive changes inside our bodies. It is enough to believe, or see and feel for yourself! Additionally, it is a good idea to listen to healing and regenerating pieces of music for at least a couple of minutes every following day after the concert, as it enhances the therapeutic effect of music. Concerts consist of particularly chosen pieces of music, with suitable sounds, instruments, tempo, timing, rhythms, majors, intervals, etc.
Although Barbra Angel's music includes her comositions/songs in classical, Pop, Jazz, or R&B arrangements she likes to call her concerts "Tune&Heal" concerts. It is directed at everyone regardless of religion or sexual preferences. Since every person has the right to be healthy and happy, and also that is the reason why a couple of her pieces of music on the concert or CD are intentionally dedicated to people of faith; uniting in love and peace people all over the world. The best thing is to come and experience this yourself…
You are welcome to join the upcoming concert or organize your private one. Just let us know!