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Tune&Heal - Cell Resonance Therapy (CRT) created in 2003 by Dr.Barbra Angel is a cellular healing method based on physics law and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices such as acupuncture or reflexology points. The CRT includes these methodologies to heal while infusing natural sound vibration via tuning forks or voice (instead of needles - sound acupuncture). There are many techniques of CRT to treat various ailments. All CRT sessions are effective for the relief of stress, tension, anxiety, aches, or physical and mental fatigue. They balance energy centers, unblock meridians/chakras, and help to eliminate pain in a very fast way. They work for anti-aging (DNA repair), antiwrinkle Facelift Protocol or weight loss with two frequencies combo (Fat Cells & Muscles) + changing your diet for individual Yin-Yang energy-balanced meals. They are very helpful as complementary treatments for oncologic (* CRT anticancer technique) or psychological problems (*CRT OM 136,1Hz, CG technique, and more), clearing the mind and bringing hope and joy. Sometimes the sessions include also hypnosis if there is an indication.
The initial session is usually 90 minutes long and focused on every aspect of your much-deserving Body-Mind-Spirit. The first visit including voice, TCM energy & body estimate gives the information to direct the healing process and use appropriate frequencies. However, it is highly recommended to take a 3D BioResonance green scan during the first session so we can discuss what physical or psychoemotional problems are the most important to work on with CRT or BioResonance DNA chromosomes, at the molecular level. Thanks to eliminating blood stagnation and moving the energy in the body in a harmless way, the CRT method is the key to preventing main human health problems such as atherosclerosis, stroke, or heart attack. 

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CRT and Therapy in Palm Desert on the 3 options below:

1) Maintenance 30-minute $120
Usual Price $250 > Now Only $120!

2) Maintenance of 60-minute CRT Therapy or Hypnosis if needed (addictions) $185
Usual Price $380 > Now Only $185!

Best Value
3) 90-minute BioResonance Body Scan & CRT Therapy with working on preferred organs/areas, pain release, food and remedies recommendation, the medications/supplements check by the machine, etc. $259
 Usual Price $490 > Now Only $259!